Workwear for gardeners


As a landscape gardener you always work outside and with many different materials. During the design process, consideration was given to creating enough space and pockets to store work tools such as secateurs, folding rule and gloves. That way you won’t miss anything while working. We also have trousers with and without knee pockets in our collection. If you work a lot on your knees, we have work trousers with knee pockets so that you can put your knee pads in them and work comfortably.

In the summer it is nice and light to work in a worker with a polo or T-shirt, while in the winter you are warmly dressed by supplementing the set with a sweater, softshell, cardigan and/or jacket. Our jackets, softshells and vests have a longer back pad which is very useful when you have to bend down. This way you will never suffer from a bare back. They are also water-repellent, so working in the rain is no longer a problem.

Werkkleding hovenier voor innovenier


Comfortable and flexible are important features when you look for new work clothes. You wear work clothes for most of the week and it is very important that the clothes fit well. There is nothing more annoying than a bare back when you bend or have to reach up. T’riffic clothing has all this and is also colorfast.


As an entrepreneur of a company you have a certain image in your head what you want to radiate to (potential) customers. Work clothing plays an important role in this. All T’riffic garments are easy to embroider and print with the company logo. This ensures better recognizability and brand awareness of your company and at the same time a neat and professional appearance. The small orange accents are a beautiful and striking addition to the casual look of the collection.

Workwear is increasingly seen as fashion and no longer as real workwear. Companies nowadays want a much more fashionable and stylish look in the workplace and they certainly achieve this with the T’riffic collection. Our stylists have looked at a sturdy but at the same time also a timeless and stylish look. The fact that the clothing is also intended for all weather conditions is an important addition. Whether you’re working in the sun in the summer or in the pouring rain in the winter, T’riffic offers a collection that responds flawlessly and offers the necessary protection.

Werkkleding hovenier, temperatuurregulatie is belangrijk


Finding work clothes that fit every body well can sometimes be quite a challenge. It is important that employees feel comfortable and comfortable in their work clothes. So if you are looking for new workwear and considering different options, take a good look at the fit. A straight-cut T-shirt for women often does not fit as nicely as a fitted T-shirt, a small distinction that can make a big difference for the employee. Well-fitting clothing ensures satisfied employees and a positive image of your company.

The T’riffic collection consists of a men’s and a women’s line. As a result, the fit is even better adapted to the body and every employee can look fashionable and stylish.


Workwear in the workplace not only ensures that employees are connected to each other, but above all that they feel connected to the company. There is unity and equality in the workplace and when the employees are on location, they act as a business card for the company. Due to the work clothing, the employees have a greater sense of responsibility and meet expectations more quickly.


The entire T’riffic collection is in stock in Hilvarenbeek and can therefore be delivered quickly.


T’riffic, made by producer Schijvens Corporate Fashion, is affiliated with the Fair Wear Foundation. Fair Wear Foundation is committed to good working conditions in the clothing industry and monitors our factories. We are assessed annually on our performance with regard to social working conditions in the garment factories where T’riffic is produced. 100% of the production sites are under the control of this organization.

Working at T’riffic to improve the working environment in collaboration with the factory. Due to the good steps we have taken from 2010 and all the improvements we have made, we are now a Leader at Fair Wear Foundation, this is the highest category and we received a score of 97 out of 100 points!


Our circular collection is made from recycled yarns. We have produced a collection of T-shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, cardigans, shirts and work trousers from our recycled yarns of 50% recycled cotton and 50% recycled polyester. And we’ve also added jackets and softshells made from 100% recycled polyester. With these articles you save about 20% CO2, 36% energy and 96% water.

With T’riffic workwear you contribute to a more sustainable and green world.


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