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The Week of the Circular Economy was a great success for Schijvens this year! Not only did we get off to a fantastic start this week by winning the Circular Award 2020 in the Business category, we were also interviewed on Radio Circular and closed this week with the sound of the gong!

Last Thursday we received a call from Radio Circular. During the Week of the Circular Economy, Radio Circular will be on the road for high-profile interviews, including with our owner Shirley Schijvens. During this clip, Bas briefly looks back at the final of the Circular Award and owner Shirley explains in a few minutes what our family business Schijvens is all about. You can listen to the fragment below.

Finally, Shirley was allowed to close the Week of the Circular Economy on Friday with the sound of the gong on the Amsterdam stock exchange of Euronext. This was also the opening of the Inside trade fair.

Opening the trade with a sound signal is an old custom. Hendrick de Keyser’s first Koopmansbeurs already had a tower with a bell that was rung when the stock market went on and off. But the gong tradition goes back even further. Until 1592 to be exact. That year, the Amsterdam city council tried to create order and regularity in the stock exchange, which at that time was taking place at the Nieuwe Brug, with a first set of regulations. Rules of conduct, fixed trading hours and a stock exchange clerk were introduced. At set times, the stock exchange clerk tolled a bell to open the stock exchange. Those who were late were fined. Fortunately, that fine no longer exists. The gong tradition still exists, now for more than four centuries!

All in all, this was a week to remember!

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