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Last week we had the dealers here at the office from our T’riffic25 family. According to the guidelines of the RIVM, we have been able to set up an adapted program here in which we introduced the dealers to our company, but even more importantly, to each other.

Last year we started positioning our T’riffic collection in the market again. Schijvens is currently in the news with its sustainable policy and T’riffic should of course not be missing in this. We can only do this through committed and enthusiastic dealers, a selected group of people who also have ethics and the planet at heart. We also do that on our supplier side and we even got the king to visit us for that. We do the same on our customer side, by consciously choosing companies that want to go the extra mile for sustainable choices.

For T’riffic we chose this group of dealers. We spent months building up a careful file: no real hard competitors in the group, but companies that complement each other, want to help where necessary, can work together, grant each other something, can spar together and the brand and the sustainable proposition together. improve with us. At Schijvens, the motto is always Teamwork makes the Dream Work and our anthem is We Are Family. We also want to feel this in our T’riffic family. We believe in the power of collaboration.

By means of an interactive program we introduced the dealers to the different parts of our company. They spoke to our stylist, listened to our circular story, learned more about our collaboration with Fair Wear and got to know our return logistics in the warehouse. Naturally, our T’riffic collections could not be missed this day, we showed them to the dealers during the fashion show.

It was a very successful day where we got to know the dealers and each other better. Together we will put a fantastic sustainable brand on the market. We can make a difference, not only in the market, but also for the planet. We hope this is the start of a happy and lasting relationship!