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And we’re live!

At Schijvens Corporate Fashion we are always concerned with sustainability. Most of you are already aware that we use our customers’ old clothing as a raw material for making our circular corporate clothing. But as of today, our entire return logistics system is online, our R-ladder. In order to be circular, it is of course a must to keep the chain closed. It is therefore very important to take back the delivered products after use. We organize this return logistics in an innovative way at Schijvens Corporate Fashion, together with our partners PostNL and Dobbi. 

At Schijvens we collect used clothing. We do NOT do this to reuse or recycle the clothing as a low-quality product, but to bring it   back into the chain as a high-quality product. The R-ladder, which is also used by the government, has been used as a guideline for this.

The customer can choose through a completely innovative portal between different options that are related to the R strategies:

  1. Re-use
    Cleaning and reuse by your employee. Dobbi collects the clothes at home and returns them washed within 48 hours.
  2. Re-cover
    Cleaning and back into stock, for example when your employee is out of service. Dobbi collects the clothes at home and returns these crops to Schijvens.
  3. Re-pair
    The clothing is repaired in Schijvens’ workshop and returned to you, so that you can use it again. The longer a garment lasts, the better for the environment!
  4. Re-fuse
    Refrain from use and return if, for example, you have ordered incorrectly. Then we can make someone else happy again with this item of clothing.
  5. Re-claim
    Return for complaint handling.
  6. Re-cycle
    Return for recycling, because the item is really gone.

For each article, you can check which option applies to this article. In this way, the articles are consciously looked at and an article can often be used again with a small action or adjustment. This is how we combat waste together with the customer!

Would you like more information about our return logistics system? Please contact us or visit the return logistics page .