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For years, we at Schijvens Corporate Fashion have been committed to good working conditions in the factories where our customers’ clothing is produced. In 2010 we entered into a partnership with the Fair Wear Foundation and since then we have been fighting together for fair working conditions in the clothing industry.

Every year we are assessed by the Fair Wear Foundation. This year we went from 8.9 to 9.6 and 100% of our factories are monitored! With this we again retain our Leader status.

living wage

Our main focus is on implementing a living wage in all our factories. Step by step we are trying to roll out the living wage tool to all our factories. Last year we did this at our factories in China and India. We believe that the wages we pay for our products should be sufficient to meet basic needs such as food, housing, transport, medicines, education, etc. By basic wage we mean, for example, food, housing, transport, medicines, education, etc. That is why we at Schijvens investigate whether our cost price is sufficient to pay a living wage. If this is not the case, we choose to increase the cost price in such a way that a living wage can be paid.

Determining a living wage is an interesting process involving all factory workers. Implementing the living wage is one thing, but raising awareness among factory workers is another. That is why we also provided living wage training at the factories. In this we explained what a living wage entails and why we do this.


The living wage training is not the only training we have provided in the past year. We have provided basic Fair Wear Foundation training and gender training at some of our factories in Pakistan. The Fair Wear Foundation training is about the 8 labor standards, how employees can submit complaints if there are any and how we will resolve them. The gender training is about the role of women in the factories, the division between men and women and about sexual harassment.

At our largest supplier in Pakistan, MYM, we have provided Advanced training on gender inequality. It has emerged that MYM will be hiring more women and will also offer women higher positions.


In collaboration with our partners, we are continuously working on improving the working conditions for employees in areas such as safety, working hours and wages. The close contact we have with our suppliers makes our relationship unique. This close contact also contributes to the lasting and stable relationship between us and our suppliers. Where necessary, we provide support to our factories so that we can hopefully continue this relationship for years to come.

Due to COVID-19, it was not possible to meet with our suppliers in the past year. But we wouldn’t be Schijvens if we didn’t come up with an alternative idea. This resulted in the very first virtual supplier meeting. Here we have seen and spoken to everyone again and we know what our factories are up to in this uncertain time. We hope that at the end of this year it will be possible again for the entire group to come together for our supplier meeting in Morocco.

Curious about our Brand Performance Check? View it here on the Fair Wear Foundation website.