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Schijvens is annually assessed by the Fair Wear Foundation on its performance with regard to social working conditions in the clothing factories with which Schijvens works.

This year, Schijvens once again achieved a score of no less than 86 points, which we are very proud of! With this we maintain our status as leader, the highest achievable category within FWF. 100% of the factories where Schijvens produces are under the control of this organization.

The fact that we have achieved a score of 86 points for the second year in a row does not mean that we have not made any improvements. FWF indicates that we have made great progress. However, the scoring has become a bit stricter. We have achieved this status, among other things, through our commitment to the implementation of living wages in both Turkey and Pakistan. And also through our stable and small group of suppliers, of which all production locations have been audited and work is continuously being done to improve working conditions.

In 2017 we completed our first project in our own factory in Turkey. Since then, all employees there have been paid a living wage. This salary is reviewed annually. At the beginning of 2019, wages in the factory were again increased in proportion to statutory wage increases. Last year we completed our living wage project in Pakistan, in collaboration with Zeeman. This has enabled us to ensure that the entire factory has been converted to a living wage. In both Turkey and Pakistan, we also involved the factory’s employees in this process and in determining the level of the living wage. It is then calculated how much the price must increase, so that a living wage is included. Unfortunately, in the clothing industry it is still common that only a minimum wage is paid, which is not enough to live on in most production countries. We are pleased that we have taken these steps, and will of course roll this out further to our other factories.

All points for attention and developments are openly discussed with all suppliers each year during our annual supplier meeting, which took place last year at our office in the Netherlands. In this way everyone can learn from each other, and it is good to see that this is well received every year. Last year we brought the suppliers and customers together during a ‘Meet & Greet’, which was also a great success!

This year we will focus on rolling out the living wage project to a new factory, reducing overtime and training management and employees in the factories.