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Schijvens has been a member of the Fair Wear Foundation since 2010 and is assessed annually on its efforts and performance with regard to social working conditions in the clothing factories with which Schijvens works. Yesss, once again Schijvens has retained its status as leader brand within the Fair Wear Foundation!!

This year, Schijvens has increased from 86 points to 89 points and 100% of our production locations have been audited. In collaboration with our partners, we are continuously working on improving the working conditions for employees in areas such as safety, working hours and wages. This score was achieved in part through our commitment to implementing living wages at our production sites, raising awareness among factory workers through labor rights training and through our valuable partnerships, which we will of course continue to support during this uncertain and difficult time in the world. related to Covid-19 crisis. We maintain close contact about the status at the factories and we try to offer support where necessary, so that we can hopefully continue our cooperation with all our suppliers in the future. We hope to be able to reunite early next year in good health with our regular supplier group for the annual supplier meeting, which everyone always looks forward to.

Our main focus is on the implementation of a living wage. All employees in our factory in Turkey as well as at our main supplier in Pakistan now receive a living wage. In determining the living wage, all workers at these factories are involved in the process and in determining the wage, which is of course very important and valuable. By means of an extra allowance, the living wage is also included in our cost price and it is made possible to increase salaries at which employees earn enough to live on. Step by step we are trying to roll out our living wage tool to all our suppliers and the project is currently underway in China and India. In addition to a living wage, we will of course continue to work hard on other topics, such as overtime, intimidation &

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