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On Tuesday 3 March, together with 11 other Dutch companies that distinguish themselves through sustainable entrepreneurship, we were nominated for the Koning Willem I plaque for Sustainable Entrepreneurship 2020. This meeting took place at Paleis Soestdijk.

The professional jury, led by entrepreneur Anne-Marie Rakhorst, selected the twelve companies for the most prestigious entrepreneurial award in the field of sustainability in the Netherlands.

To qualify for the plaque, the most important criterion is the impact on the environment and the surroundings of the company through sustainable use of natural resources or reduction of environmental impact. As a company you fulfill a need for people, society and the chain and you also contribute to making the chain more sustainable.

We received the nomination together with the following companies: TRIBOO EU (Zoetermeer), Gulpener Bierbrouwerij (Gulpen), Kipster (Venlo), BTG Biomass Technology Group BV (Enschede), HeatMatrix Group (Geldermalsen), Tony’s Chocolonely (Amsterdam) Moyee Coffee ( Amsterdam) PG ​​Kuijpers & Zonen BV ) (Helmond), Verstegen Spices & Sauces BV (Rotterdam), MYOMY do goods (Naarden) and BV (Werkendam).

The King Willem I plaque is awarded every two years and is the ultimate award for good entrepreneurship. As a company you are eligible for the prize if you have shown that you have decisiveness, sustainability, perseverance and good entrepreneurship. The Koning Willem I Prize and Koning Willem I Plaque for Sustainable Entrepreneurship are aspired to both by established companies with a long history and by young, innovative companies.

The final of the King Willem I Plaque for Sustainable Entrepreneurship will take place in May. The King Willem I Prize for large companies and SMEs will also be announced there. All 12 nominated companies can participate in the European Business Awards for the Environment.

Romy Blankenspoor, director of the Koning Willem I Foundation is pleased with how quickly sustainability has become an important part of the business operations of Dutch companies. “The twelve nominated companies are a good reflection of what is happening in the Netherlands in this area,” said Blankenspoor.

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