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About T'riffic

T’riffic has been the workwear brand of Schijvens Corporate Fashion for decades, and has existed in its current form since 2009. The T’riffic collection is an extensive collection of general work clothing, suitable for companies in construction, logistics, installation, event construction and more. The clothing can be printed or embroidered, so every company has the option to purchase work clothing that reflects their company identity. This means that every employee can look cool and stylish in sustainable clothing.

All T'riffic clothing that is worn out can be returned to Schijvens Corporate Fashion to be recycled, so we can make new clothing with it: a circular system!

In the autumn of 2019, the new circular collection was launched. This means that we now have two labels at T'riffic, the Fair Wear label and the Circular label. Want to know more about these labels? Go to our Fair Wear and Circular pages for more information.

T’riffic by Schijvens Corporate Fashion

The family business, Schijvens Corporate Fashion, has been making work clothing for various sectors, such as retail, facilities management, hospitality and industry since 1863, often providing customer-specific designs. The T'riffic brand has been designed by the stylists at Schijvens Corporate Fashion, is versatile and can be used by many different companies, and is in stock at Hilvarenbeek.


Foundation Schijvens Corporate Fashion

Schijvens Corporate Fashion is founded by Johannes Schijvens.

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Foundation T’riffic

Schijvens Corporate Fashion starts its own workwear brand called T'riffic.

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Introduction new collection

T'riffic introduces a new collection of workwear.

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Corporate Fashion Award

T’riffic comes in second at the Corporate Fashion Award in the Best Brand category.

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Schijvens wint Fair Wear Best Practice Award

In November 2017, Schijvens Corporate Fashion won the Fair Wear Foundation Best Practice Award for the living wage project in Turkey.

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Schijvens Corporation Fashion and Gama Iplik Recycling have extended their contract in the presence of Minister Kaag (NL) and Minister Pekcan (TR), in order to raise the recycling of used (corporate) workwear up to a higher level.

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Schijvens Corporate Fashion signed a Transparency Pledge with 7 other companies participating in the Sustainable Clothing and Textile Covenant. The pledge contains a promise to be transparent about our production by publishing a list of locations where we produce our clothing, what type of clothing we produce and number of employees per location.

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First Circular collection T’riffic

Due to the developments of Schijvens Corporate Fashion in the circular field, T'riffic can also participate in this. A selection has been made of the existing articles in the Fair Wear collection and this is now also available in circular.

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Schijvens wins circular award 2020

The Circular Award Business goes to the company that innovates the most within their own operations and shows what a circular economy can mean for the Netherlands. With our registration and the 60-second pitch, we managed to convince the jury of our circular workwear.

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TBI goes Circular

TBI introduced their new workwear during the Week of the Circular Economy. They have done this with a video that shows the entire circular process of their clothing.

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Rebranding T’riffic

With the introduction of the new T'riffic Circular collection, we thought it was time to make changes at the brand itself.

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” With T’riffic every employee can look cool and stylish in sustainable clothing “

Sustainable and fair

At T'riffic, we sell socially and environmentally sustainable work clothing. The entire collection is made under socially sustainable conditions.

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The clothing can be printed or embroidered, so every company has the option to purchase work clothing that reflects their corporate identity.

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T’riffic Fair Wear and Circular are the perfect addition to your showroom. In addition, T’riffic Circular is the only 100% recycled workwear brand.

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